Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SHOCK and Awe: Avoiding Shock Treatment When Exiting Your Car

We’ve all been there.  You’re casually cruising in your car, glancing over to peer at your German Shepard as he soaks in the sun from an open window.  You stop for gas and begin to exit the vehicle, and you’re greeted with a quick jolt of static electricity.  Bzzt!  In today’s blog, we’re providing you with some quick tips to avoiding the shock treatment. 

1.    Be cautious of clothing – fleeces and synthetic materials can increase your risk of shock.
2.    Grip the frame of the door to expel static charge – Having your hand on the car frame when you get up lets it discharge more slowly. 
3.    Watch your shoes – Beach shoes with foam soles are conducive to static electricity, be careful!
4.    Touch the glass – as your exit your vehicle.  This option discharges any electricity and avoids shock.
5.    Hold a key in your hand and touch the metal doorframe as you exit.  It acts as a lightning rod and discharges the static without pain.

Static shock may seem like a minor issue for the average driver, but these tips are actually meant for your safety.  Static electricity has the capacity to cause small explosions at the gas pump.  You should NEVER re-enter your car while gassing up, as this could provide MORE static electricity build up.  If you have another tip for us, please comment below!

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